True Masonry came to Trinidad nearly 300 years after Christopher Columbus visited Trinidad in 1498. A lodge in St Lucia called 'Les Frères Unis', formed in 1787 with a charter from the Grand Orient of France, found themselves under considerable threat and pressure due to the Revolution in France - St Lucia being a French colony in those days.

The charter was brought to Trinidad in 1794, apparently in the nick of time as the temple in St Lucia was burned to the ground by a mob with the death of several of the brethren in that year. In Trinidad, the lodge met in a building located in ‘La Rue Trois Chandelles’, called so because of the three candles burning on the lodge gates on meeting nights (now Duncan St) in Port of Spain.

In 1798, ‘Les Frères Unis’ Lodge was granted a charter from the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. Fourteen years later, the war between Britain and America caused the lodge once again to reconsider its status, and they decided to apply to the Grand Lodge of Scotland for recognition, which was duly granted. Today known as Lodge United Brothers No 251 SC, the lodge is very strong and active, and proud of its chequered past.

In fact it is the second oldest lodge outside of Scotland under that country’s Masonic jurisdiction.

Date Event

First Worshipful Master of Les Freres Unis in St Lucia, Louis Estribaud, born at Carcassoonne, France on 27th January.


Benoit Dert, founder of Freemasonry in Trinidad and a founder of Les Freres Unis in St Lucia, born at La Carbet, Martinique on 26th September.


Les Freres Unis Lodge, warranted by the Grand Orient of France, founded in St Lucia and "Parent Body" to the present LUB

1786 June 27th to 1787 June 27th

June 27th to 1787 June 27th; Les Freres Unis consecrated and erected and Installation Meeting. Six weeks later the French revolution occurred

1787 to 1798

Les Freres under the Grand Orient of France

1787 to the present

Les Freres Unis/Lodge United Brothers, continuous Masonic work with Side and Higher Orders


During the French Revolution, the Temple at Micoud, St Lucia was burnt to the ground and many Freemasons were murdered and guillotined. The ferocity with which this was engineered by the French Mulatto Revolutionary, Victor Hughes, was indescribable in its savagery


Freemasonry arrived in Trinidad, Benoit Dert, officer in Les Freres Unis, fled from St Lucia and arrived in Trinidad with the Charter of Les Freres Unis.


The Grand Orient of France, [the Governing Grand Lodge of Les Freres Unis] and its Grand Master destroyed by the French Revolution

1795 to 1797

Meetings at Duncan Street continued. The meeting place known as La Rue des Trois Chandelles, as three candles burnt at the Lodge gate on meeting night


The British captured Trinidad

1798 March 13th

March 13th; Brethren of Les Freres Unis signed a petition to the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania for acceptance. Bro Benoit Dert signed as the RW Master and Bro Vincent Patrice as Secretary

1798 October 28th

Les Freres inaugurated under the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania


The Surveyor General, Joseph Etienne Maingot, R.W.M. of Les Freres Unis, facilitated the purchase of a parcel of land for the building of a new Temple. They called this place Mount Moriah.


First Temple built/erected by Les Freres Unis at Mount Moriah, Piccadilly Street, Port of Spain, probably one of the oldest buildings in continuous Masonic use in the world


The Motto of the Lodge was placed above the main door of LUB, Audi, Vide, Tace - Listen, See, Be Silent.


General Santiago Marino, Commander of the Army of Liberation, under Simon Bolivar, himself a Freemason, was initiated at Les Freres Unis


England and America were at war which presented problems for Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania


Les Freres Unis applied to the Grand Lodge of Scotland for a Charter but did not advise the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania

1813 November 1st

Les Freres Unis got chartered, Charter No. 327 under the Grand Lodge of Scotland